Sunday, March 9, 2014

Capsuleer's Log Day 8-9

After a week of using only frigate sized ships, I finally upgraded to a destroyer. I was able to purchase a destroyer blueprint only several jumps away. So once I have acquired the blueprint, I set out to work on constructing a destroyer. I have chosen to produce a Dragoon-class destroyer, an Amarr destroyer which specializes in the use of drones and energy disruption weapons. The Dragoon-class requires no megacyte to construct which is a huge bonus for me. The Dragoon-class destroyer was named Partisan. With the Partisan, I am able to attack larger targets much more easily including lone battleships. Unfortunately, the Partisan is still no match against the more dangerous pirates and their large fleets. I took the destroyer out and was able to destroy many pirate ships, collecting a lot of vital modules from their wreaks.
My new ship, the Partisan

After destroying several pirates, I retrieved my Sickle to perform salvage duty to acquire materials to construct rigs. I made my first mistake. While busy reading information, a capsuleer entered the system. The capsuleer was flying an interceptor frigate, a very fast frigates used to scout and capture enemy ships. I was quickly captured by the interceptor and could not warp away because the capsuleer had targeted me with a warp disruptor. I attempted an escape when I noticed I was warp disrupted by using the Sickle's micro warp drive to move out of range, the escape failed as the interceptor was able to easily match my speed. So my vessel was quickly destroyed by the interceptor and I managed to warp off in my pod safely to the station. This was my first encounter with a dangerous capsuleer and I made a mistake of not paying attention to my ship sensors. I shall try not to make the same mistake again. 
The Partisan attacking a Blood Raider battleship

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