Monday, April 7, 2014

Manufacturing and the hunger for megacyte

Several of the members of Pioneers of New Eden have decided to band together to start a manufacturing division mostly aimed at getting the corporation members into combat vessels. It is exciting to see members beginning to group up and organize activities together. The next divisions which will need to be created soon is a mining division to help supply minerals to these manufacturers. I plan to assist miners by continuously pumping out Venture-class frigates and offering them on contracts for the corporation with an exchange of minerals or possibly other items.

Something I anticipated of the members of the corporation is for the hunger of the megacyte mineral. Megacyte is a valuable mineral used in the construction of many items in New Eden, especially large ships and modules. Unfortunately, ore which contain megacyte can only be found in null security space or in space hidden in wormholes. The only other option in low security space to attain megacyte is by reprocessing modules found in the wreckage of pirate ships. This is something which I was able to accomplish alone when I settled in the Aridia region. For a growing empire, the amount of megacyte obtained by reprocessing modules would probably not satisfy the empire's hunger. This hunger for megacyte will likely push our corporation's boundaries to null security space, allowing our empire to grow.

Friday, April 4, 2014

First week of the settlement

It has been about a week since the original plan to construct a new empire was announced. In that week, a very brave team of capsuleers have been recruited to lay down the foundations for this new empire. A lot has happened and many ships have been lost in the darkness of space, but we pioneers will keep pushing towards accomplishing our goals. The current status with the local pirates is pretty mixed, there are times when they actively hunt us and others where we can freely mine in safety. They just might help this young corporation harden up and learn to survive against the many dangerous and ruthless enemies we might face in our future.

One common question asked to us pioneers is what should we bring to join your settlement? To give a good example of what to bring, I will go over what I and several of our members have brought with them. I started the same way I did when I settled alone in the Aridia region, it worked really well for me there. I brought a single Venture-class frigate fitted with a couple of tech 2 modules and drones to be able to quickly gather my first mineral supplies. In the cargo hold of the Venture-class, I carried with me many blueprints for ships which I believe would benefit in the area of space where we would settle. The ship blueprints I brought over for our settlement in Solitude, included a Venture-class frigate and all Gallente frigates. I also brought blueprints that then compliment these ships which include mining lasers, blasters, armor, drones, ammunition, and various other blueprints for exploration and other jobs.

Now for what some of our other members brought which include some different methods. On the very challenging side, some members brought nothing but a starter ship. I wish those very brave members good luck! Some other members decided to target the side of PvE, bringing their preferred frigate sized combat vessel to combat the local Serpentis pirates. They trade their ability to mine early for the very valuable profession of gathering items dropped by pirates. Those items possess stronger stats then the current items we would be able to build as well as sometimes containing the very valuable mineral megacyte. The most common ship brought over by members is the Venture-class frigate, which I personally believe is the best ship to bring. The Venture-class ship has the innate ability of escaping danger as well as mining a lot of ore required to build more ships. These abilities help the early pioneer to quickly mine enough ore to build their next ship as well as a chance to escape threat in low security space. On the blueprints brought over, many members have chosen to bring their favorite ship blueprint as well as some ammo and modules for the ship. Gallente related blueprints like ships and blasters are not required to be brought over because near by stations seed them. So for those interested in joining us but unsure of what we do, check out my earlier entries for when I settled in Aridia. You may also read from other fellow pioneers on their blog listed on the side to learn what they might of brought and what they have done so far.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to organize an empire?

The organization and management of a corporation is an important part of making a successful corporation. So one of my first duties was to appoint several capsuleers to position of power to assist me in managing the corporation. After appointing several capsuleers, the discussion turned to how to organize the corporation, especially considering possible growth in the future. Several members and I devised splitting the main activities a capsuleer participates in as divisions in the corporation. The main activities include mining, manufacturing, combat against capsuleers (PvP), and combat against pirate factions (PvE), and trade. So a miner would be a capsuleer who is interested in using their mining vessel to harvest ore from asteroids. The manufacturer is the capsuleer in charge of producing the ships, modules, and ammunition used by everyone. Combat against other capsuleers are the duties of the militia member who protect the other groups from the dangers of the empire. The bounty hunter hunts down the local pirate factions collecting bounties posted by CONCORD as well as picking up materials in wreaks to sell to others. The trader buys and sells various good between the various settlements of the empire. Finally the citizen is a member of the empire but is not interested in specializing in any area. These roles seem interesting on paper, but would they work in practice? We might very well test them in the future.