Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to organize an empire?

The organization and management of a corporation is an important part of making a successful corporation. So one of my first duties was to appoint several capsuleers to position of power to assist me in managing the corporation. After appointing several capsuleers, the discussion turned to how to organize the corporation, especially considering possible growth in the future. Several members and I devised splitting the main activities a capsuleer participates in as divisions in the corporation. The main activities include mining, manufacturing, combat against capsuleers (PvP), and combat against pirate factions (PvE), and trade. So a miner would be a capsuleer who is interested in using their mining vessel to harvest ore from asteroids. The manufacturer is the capsuleer in charge of producing the ships, modules, and ammunition used by everyone. Combat against other capsuleers are the duties of the militia member who protect the other groups from the dangers of the empire. The bounty hunter hunts down the local pirate factions collecting bounties posted by CONCORD as well as picking up materials in wreaks to sell to others. The trader buys and sells various good between the various settlements of the empire. Finally the citizen is a member of the empire but is not interested in specializing in any area. These roles seem interesting on paper, but would they work in practice? We might very well test them in the future.

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