Monday, April 7, 2014

Manufacturing and the hunger for megacyte

Several of the members of Pioneers of New Eden have decided to band together to start a manufacturing division mostly aimed at getting the corporation members into combat vessels. It is exciting to see members beginning to group up and organize activities together. The next divisions which will need to be created soon is a mining division to help supply minerals to these manufacturers. I plan to assist miners by continuously pumping out Venture-class frigates and offering them on contracts for the corporation with an exchange of minerals or possibly other items.

Something I anticipated of the members of the corporation is for the hunger of the megacyte mineral. Megacyte is a valuable mineral used in the construction of many items in New Eden, especially large ships and modules. Unfortunately, ore which contain megacyte can only be found in null security space or in space hidden in wormholes. The only other option in low security space to attain megacyte is by reprocessing modules found in the wreckage of pirate ships. This is something which I was able to accomplish alone when I settled in the Aridia region. For a growing empire, the amount of megacyte obtained by reprocessing modules would probably not satisfy the empire's hunger. This hunger for megacyte will likely push our corporation's boundaries to null security space, allowing our empire to grow.

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  1. You said it yourself, Megacyte can be found in wormhole space. Scan around your systems and, once you find a quiet one, send in the cloud of Ventures to munch down on some Crokite for 20 min until the Sleepers show up.