Friday, February 28, 2014

Purpose of this capsuleer's log

The purpose of this log is to record my findings while exploring and living in sectors deemed low security by the controlling empires of New Eden. The lawless space are systems with a rating between 0.4 and 0.1 security. These low security sectors are often empty or filled with aggressive outlaws who attack without a notice. The outlaws are allowed to roam free in these sectors as CONCORD will not provide protection to capsuleers who venture in.

So the main aspect of the log is to observe the possible habitability of low security space. Currently in New Eden, capsuleers tremendously rely on goods created in high security empire space. Even the mighty alliances which control and wage war in null security space, outside of empire control, still rely on vast networks of logistics to move goods to and from high security space. The question is then, can a capsuleer live in low security or possibly null security zones without having to rely on trade with high security space? The test I will conduct is how I will survive by bringing only a single ship with several blueprints. Thus, I will rely on gathering material only from low security space and will not, under any circumstance, return to high security space. The strategy I will attempt to use is to focus on using ships and modules used by the controlling empire and pirate groups in the region. I suspect a capsuleer can salvage modules from the wreaks of pirate ships to be used on their own vessel.

I hope these logs prove useful (or a warning) for future capsuleers interested in living in these harsh areas.