Monday, May 12, 2014

Long overdue update on the situation

So this will be an update on the Pioneers of New Eden,  a lot has happened since the last post. Within the corporation, there was a discussion of creating separate corporations based on the various activities capsuleers of our empire would do. This was something I envisioned would happen eventually, miners will open mining corporations, combat pilots will create a navy, and ship manufacturers will open shipyards. The capsuleer I have assigned as a director for the corporation decided to open the mining corporation. Everyone acted too quickly and it was later determined to be a bad idea of separating the young corporation this early.

So the director who created the mining corporation quickly closed it and joined back with the main Pioneers. I was not available during the time to give back his director powers and he issued a CEO vote to make him CEO of the corporation. Three hours after the vote was initiated, I logged in and now had no CEO powers. This resulted in the corporation having no power to do anything for 2 days. He lost the vote for CEO and I was suppose to get my powers back, but this was not the case. I waited a day to see if the powers will return, they did not. So I then resigned as CEO to give it to the director so we can quickly sort things out. Turned out he was then going on vacation... So I then had to do another CEO vote to get my powers back.

During this time, the corporation was useless, no one was able to get new titles to get access to hangars. Also happening at the same time was the decision to try and make a more democratic corporation. We were holding an election for officer positions, including positions like CEO. Without my knowledge during this time of no power, several members decided to form a new corporation to allow them to continue working together. I noticed the mails about joining a new corporation and I decided to just focus on real life events for a bit, I wanted observe how the members will organize this new corporation.

After finally finishing up on real life responsibilities, I checked up on the new corporation. The new corporation, New Eden Pioneers, decided to move to an entirely different region, a region which I quite enjoy.  New Eden Pioneers have also decided to join up with an alliance, something I am not too happy about, but it does provide more protection and activities which the Pioneers can engage in. So I joined back up with the Pioneers as a regular member, I hope to see how the corporation succeeds with a new leadership as I have failed to properly lead.

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