Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Manufacturing for Pioneers

After joining back up with the Pioneers in the new region, I was fortunate to already have plenty of assets leftover from my original solo pioneering near by. So my first challenge was to move those minerals, modules, and ships to the new manufacturing base station. The solution to moving all these items? Industry ships, specifically Gallente's Kryos class and Nereus class ships. The Kryos class ship has a special mineral bay, allowing me to haul all my minerals. The Nereus class ship has a smaller cargo hold but is quite agile allowing me to quickly transport my goods around. The mission was easy and I faced no danger.

With all my materials and Blueprints moved to our new home, I decided to start working on building ships. My main focus was on mining equipment which means Venture class ships will be the first ones to be made. I produced 5 Ventures which quickly sold, so I produced 10 more to be sold on the market. Plenty minerals were left over, I decided to expand to producing more frigates. These frigates will be put on contracts just for the members of New Eden Pioneers. Other members are offering services as well, one member is wanting to purchase ore mined and to sell ships back to members. I wonder how successful such a service will be for a Pioneer, most members already have the ability to manufacturer ships using the ore they mined so why would they need to sell their ore? I am hoping to provide some competition and might begin offering to buy minerals, ore, and loot dropped by pirates.

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