Sunday, March 2, 2014

Capsuleer's Log Day 2

The day started with the completion of several manufacturing jobs. I built a Tormentor-class frigate which I named the Boomerang. I decided to build a Tormentor-class frigate for its excellent handling of capacitor usage of laser turrets. This trait of the Tormentor-class allows it to use long range beam lasers efficiently without worrying about running out of capacitor. So I equipped the Boomerang with weaponry and defensive modules to go hunt some Blood Raiders. My first task of today was to collect modules from pirate wreaks to reprocess into minerals, specifically for megacyte which is required for me to build additional vessels and modules.
The maiden flight of the Boomerang
After destroying several Blood Raider pirate ships, I encountered a new problem. The Boomerang has taken quite a beating from the local pirates, getting some damage on the armor. Damage to the armor or hull of a ship does not regenerate like the shields, so it must be repaired. My base unfortunately does not offer a repair service. The nearest station with a repair service is several jumps away, a dangerous mission for an already damage ship. Luckily I collected enough megacyte to build an armor repairer which will allow me to repair my damaged armor. My Venture-class frigate, Sandshrew, also got an upgrade of a salvager module to salvage wreaks for material to build rigs to further upgrade my ships. Since I have collected enough megacyte, I was also able to start production on an additional vessel with a new goal for tomorrow. So the day finishes pretty quietly, with production lines working on new items, tomorrow should allow me to do more exploration.
My Sandshrew mining some asteroids and salvaging some wreaks

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