Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Capsuleer's Log Day 10-11

Not much has happened during these days. My Dragoon-class destroyer, the Partisan, has been successfully destroying Blood Raider pirates roaming the asteroid belts. The Partisan is excelling at destroying pirate battlecruisers allowing me to collect plenty of modules from the wrecks. Battlecruisers and battleships carry medium and large size weaponry, so when I destroy a pirate flying those ships, I am able to salvage those modules. The best part is these modules and ammo contain a high amount of megacyte, the precious mineral I need to keep growing. At the rate I am collecting megacyte, I should be able to comfortably build larger ships soon.
Head on engagement with a Blood Raider battleship


  1. Nice blog. But now, we need to know more abobut your adventure. Please post more :)

  2. Great posts! I love what you're doing with your sandbox. Please post more so we can hear more!