Sunday, March 30, 2014

The beginning of an Empire

After about a month of successfully living in low security space, it was decided to expand this project to include other fellow capsuleers with similar interests. The idea was advertised using this post on the Eve subreddit. We banded together and created a new corporation called the Pioneers of New Eden. The plan was simple, find a reasonable system to settle in and move members with supplies to begin working. The majority of the initial members made it safely to the system where some proceeded to mine safely in low security space. Unfortunately the safety did not last very long, several of the local pirates have taken notice of our movement and activity and began to harass our members. Our first mining operation was interrupted by several Catalyst-class vessels, a very powerful Gallente destroyer, destroying two Ventures and even a bystander. The pirates then began to camp our headquarters preventing our members from leaving the station. I was able to freely move around thanks to several bookmarks I recorded in my logs, even able to easily mine some ore in the asteroid belts. The corporation needs some training in how to survive and escape threats in low security space, something which should be first taught to all new recruits. I proceeded to move around in a Velator-class ship, a Gallente frigate issued to all new capsuleers, and a Venture-class ship to scout and mine ore.
Extreme mining in low sec with hostiles in system
Negotiations took place with the pirate corporation to see if a deal can be reached. We managed to strike a deal and aggression should stop for now. The situation needs to be constantly observed to see if relations break down, but I believe things should work for now. It was a pretty rough start, lets see if we can turn things around tomorrow.

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