Monday, March 3, 2014

Capsuleer's Log Day 3

A new vessel was constructed overnight, a Magnate-class frigate. The role of a Magnate-class frigate is to be used for exploration, the ship has traits allowing it to excel in scanning and hacking. I christen my new frigate the Sickle. Magnate-class frigates also have a bonus towards using salvager modules, which should prove useful later. I then set out to do some exploration in my home system. I managed to scan down both a relic and a data site, grabbing several salvage material and a blueprint copy for a ship module.
Launch of the Sickle
 I also flew the Boomerang several times to attack Blood Raider ships hiding out amongst the asteroid fields. After destroying them, I would bring in the Sickle to salvage the wreaks in hopes of gathering enough materials to construct rigs to modify and improve my vessels. Enough material was salvaged to build a rig which I then started to produce on one of the manufacturing lines. Something else I observed were the anomalies which hide vicious pirates and rogue drones. The overall difficulty of all the anomalies are above of what I expected. A lone frigate would be no match for these combat sites, I may have to relocate to a system with weaker pirates.
The Sickle salvaging a wreak

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